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feudal japan, year A.D. 17XX
a world overrun with gangs, warlords, dugs. streets lined with the homeless and the scumbags from all over the island.
geisha houses on one corner and a school on the next. where most money is earned by steal killing or drugs.
This is the one place in the orient you would never want to get lost in. where gangs of children would slit your throat to sell your body
for this organ or that useless remedy to baldness. a ship appears on day in the harbor along with a thick fog. its tattered and torn up, the
sails are in tatters, and the main mast is snapped in half. blood and be seen upon its decks and limbs of its crew are scattered about. the
logs upon the ship state that its from the middle east, destined for europe, so how did it end up in eastern japan? the locals are quick to
throw aside the mass damage to the ship, they don't care what happened to the crew or why, as long as there's a profit to the cargo who
cares.inside all that they find is a plain, stone sarcophagus with Arabic symbol upon it. they bring it ashore to the town center where
everyone is gather around to see what the ship has brought to them for whatever they can steal. two of the towns biggest men open it. they
find a body inside it. with pale skin very long dark hair, wear the finest robes they have ever seen, yet the body seemed to have been dead
for years and showed no sign of decay. As soon a child touched the body, the eyes suddenly broke open and let out an ear shattering
screech that made them dizzy deafened the, making them vulnerable. the body had sat up and was now standing and looking around at all
the people of the village who are just staring at him. its dead silent and he walks over to the boy, kneels and goes to put his hand on the
boys face, but the child pulls away. the body they grabs him by the head with both hands so hes forced to look him in the eyes, lets out
another screech, more like a deep, lion like roar, only causing the boy to scream and struggle, and with a smile the body ascends to bite
out the boys' jugular and drained him every drop of blood. at the sight of this everyone flees running as best as they can screaming, but their still effected by his first scream, he prays first on the old, the week, the women, and the children, by the time he has finished with those. his entire body was drenched with their blood, and he looked more alive then any man before him. the village men had formed a mod with basic farming tools, their own weapons, and blunt objects and surrounded him in a circle. they started to beat him, and continued to beat stab and maimed him, until suddenly a piercing purple flame erupts and bashes them all back. his robes are now gone, he has very perforated large black wings protruding from his back, with sinister glowing red eyes. and he lit the town on fire, and flew away. The morning after a large group of people from the surrounding villages who saw the smoke came through the town and saw the slaughter, the bodies, chard remains of everything. they found the sarcophagus and were extremely puzzled. one of the buildings collapses and everyone in the team looks, unknowing that their is an army of blood thirsty minions behind them, and the search team is slaughtered. they show no decay, even after being burned, and all their eyes now have red a red iris. after several decades they rebuild the town, and make it open to trade and make it more people friendly, with lots of bars, most of which participated in shanghaiing to feed their need. they bonded together and formed the Hiru Clan, or the Leech Clan, for living off the blood of others. They had their town grow into one of the largest cities of its time, with many dojo's and an ever growing clan, but with their lives still a secret, although the Hiru clan is withing the government, royalty
and mixed within the normal society. Similar stories as these have sprung up  around the world, Japan, China, Iraq, Africa, The
Mediterranean. Such clan and underground societies continued to grow, and one wanted to knock the other out of power to reign supreme, and for centuries the Hiru Clan was victorious until A.D. 27XX, 1000 years after growing and becoming the most successful group who had
kept overall stable control between the nations, until the rest united against the Hiru and in a most terrible war overthrew them, nearly
wiping them out completely. and it has lead to another 500 years of power struggle with no ruleing society, allowing chaos to erupting.
unknown to the others societies, who thought the Hirus' were eradicated  , the few who did escape went completely underground, but growing their numbers slowly, only up to about 500 compared to the thousands, operating in secret, stealing plans, killing high leaders. and they were forgotten to time and re emerged in A.D. 32XX....
uhm yeah had this idea earlier :weird-activist-girl: made me cuz i have too good of a vocab and such a lack of a fucking life

so uhm enjoy?
more to come if people like and if i can think of names for characters and more plot XD

feedback much appreciated ^_^
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